Maltese Islands Agri Federation (MIAF) is formed out of various producers’ organizations, producers groups, individual farmers, micro agro-processors and professionals within the agricultural sector.

MIAF strives to provide various information services to its members with particular reference to the changes in the Common Agricultural Policy and how this will affect the individual members.

Furthermore, MIAF also provides technical support and services through a pool of agronomists with specific reference to good agricultural practices, HACCP, cross compliance and various other related issues of fundamental importance within the agricultural scenario post membership in the EU.

Finally, MIAF which is a member of the European Council of Young Farmers (CEJA), also offers heavily subsidized services to farmers and to its members for the compiling of EU Funding applications as well as services for the project management and completion of such projects.

MIAF communicates its policies, information memorandums and other sensitive information via mail shots (e mails) to all its members who then diffuse the same information within their own structures.

This is a very effective method through which MIAF manages to communicate all the required information within set time frames and to have its own position with regards to sensitive issues within the shortest time possible.

Throughout the year various meetings are also held with its members and the committees of the various member association. Furthermore, information seminars are also organised at regular intervals so that all the relevant topics are discussed in depth with all the interested partners.