The Project Partners are:

  • Maltese Islands Agri Federation - MIAF
  • Fiatal Gazdak Magyarorszagi Szovetsege - AGRYA
  • Associacao dos Jovens Agricultores de Portugal - AJAP
  • Nederlands Agrarisch Jongeren Kontakt - NAJK
  • Associazione Giovani Imprenditori Agricoli Toscana - AGIA

The project offered to a group of young farmers belonging to farmers' associations the opportunity to play a mobility experience in Europe, encouraging the acquisition of expertise in Quality Management Systems (QMS) and certification of products (brands , designations of origin, ..).
Through a process of visits in farm of the associates to each project partner association, it was possible to compare methods, best practices and transferable skills successfully in the different productive. The original proposal arose from the finding that quality is a key factor in the economic development of a company, opening new market space and thus contributing positively to determine the processes of conversion and reorganization.
The visited farms, chosen as a model, was evaluated by participants according to a set of parameters (presence or absence of private brands and / or collective certificates of origin, product traceability, controls on raw materials and processing plants, HACCP methods, organization of stokes, order management, etc.). All data were then incorporated into a model of benchmarking, ie a comparison to highlight how participants perceived the various excellences / weaknesses identified in the various visited farms.
The work represents a fixed point from which to start addressing young farmers to profitable business strategies and to stimulate more targeted policies on the sector.